Coast Guard Equipment

  • 5-response trailers located along the Mississippi River in strategic locations .
  • Owned by the Coast Guard and maintained by Red Wing CAER
  • 5,000’ of containment boom, 6-12” skirt
  • Ample supply of anchors, rope, floats, buoys, posts, shovels, assorted small tools,

Other Shared Red Wing CAER Equipment

  • 3,000’ of containment boom
  • Small skimmer
  • Diesel powered skimming system, fast tank and boom vane on a trailer
  • Ice equipment including skid saw, 2-36" chain saws and related equipment
  • Assorted anchors, floats, buoys, posts, rope, etc.
  • Red Wing and Lake City city owned equipment
  • Pierce and Goodhue County owned equipment
  • Contacts  for air boats
  • Heavy construction equipment
  • Multiple boats available for response
  • Direct access to local ARTCO tow and barges