Mission   Vision
The mission of Red Wing CAER is to create and maintain a cooperative culture through networking, communication, and education that results in a higher level of public safety and environmental quality.
The vision of the Red Wing Community Awareness and Emergency Response (CAER) Organization is to provide and support preparedness for public safety and environmental quality.

Purpose and Objectives

To ensure that plans for dealing with emergencies are coordinated between public and private sectors, and various governmental jurisdictions.

To assist in community awareness and response programs for hazardous materials, safety, natural disasters, and terrorist events.

To encourage coordination and cooperation in response and planning between the public and private sectors.

To develop, conduct, evaluate, and document emergency exercises.

To serve as a clearinghouse for ideas, efforts, suggestions, or programs that may mutually benefit those responsible in emergency response and in the community.

To promote improvements of emergency equipment, training facilities, and programs.

To provide for the exchange of technical information, expertise, and development of information in an emergency response.

To promote the improvement of essential standards, codes, and regulations necessary to protect lives and property.

To support, coordinate, and cooperate with other organizations with similar objectives